1. beneta:

    Bob Dylan on Radio Unnameable, 1966

    Would you ever share a TV dinner with someone?

  2. therainydaywoman:

    Bob Dylan 1965

  3. tekena:

    Taken from suze rotolos book

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  4. barryschneierphotography:

    Friend and colleague Betsy Higgins with her friend, then and now. Betsy is working hard to preserve a great collection of materials celebrating the infamous folk era in Boston and Cambridge in the 1960’s. Visit the New England Folk Archives athttp://www.newenglandfolkmusic.org/application.html#/home/

    and look for the film “For the Love of the Music” coming to an independent theatre near you soon!

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  5. walking-antiques:

    Bob Dylan April 1965, Savoy Hotel

  6. imonlysighing:

    Bob Dylan and Hugues Aufray, France, 1964. Photo by Tony Frank.


  7. eat-my-gun:

    Mama You’ve Been On My Mind - Bob Dylan & Joan Baez

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  10. "He revealed his heart. For Dylan to reveal his heart completely is for me a great historical event… It gives other people permission to reveal their hearts."
    — Allen Ginsberg on Bob Dylan during Rolling Thunder Revue (via yourfuneralmytrial)

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